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SHIVA is Symphony Harmony Inspiration Vastness Awakening Awareness

Jivaneshvar Shankar
Panch-Param Eshwar
Omkareshvar ganesha
Satchitanandeshvar Shiva - Copy
Neelkantha Nandeshwara Shiva
Adiguru ChaitanyaEshvar

Transformative that’s how one can define Guruji Aruneshvar’s paintings, because his art inspires the viewer to go beyond the physical and the material. It moves you, it will undo you completely.

It all began about twenty five years ago, when as a young artist Guruji Aruneshvar began his journey of self discovery and exploration. Although he hailed from an intensely spiritual family his journey was his own and art became the medium of expression. With every brush stroke Guruji Aruneshvar began expressing the beautiful lyricism in his soul on canvas and his visions of Shiva began emerging in swirls of colour.

Guruji Aruneshvar’s luminous divine forms engaged in silent communion with existence reach out and touch the inner spirituality with every soul.

Each painting created in numerous layers has subtle nuances and communicates on different levels unveiling the secrets of wisdom. Every blank canvas demanded him to exceed himself, going beyond the limitations of the body and mind to a higher level of consciousness and understanding.


For many years Guruji Aruneshvar has been exhibiting his divine art in many art galleries across globe deciphering the language of his soul through his paintings. .

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